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Inspections & Estimates

Limited inspections for a homeowner's specific area of concern, fumigation estimates, and subterranean termite treatment estimates are free of charge.

"The Termite Inspection", properly referred to as a Wood Destroying Organism report, consists of a comprehensive examination of the entire interior and exterior of a structure in search of wood destroying organisms and insects. This is commonly used in a real estate transaction and on occasion it's made a condition of lending. This inspection and report is $150 for homes up to 2000 sq. ft. Homes over 2000 sq. ft., duplexes, commercial buildings, and apartments are quoted individually.

Prior To Inspection

The inspector must be able to access all of the exterior, including the roof structure (rafters, sheathing, fascia, etc.), as well as all rooms inside the structure. When applicable, the inspection will include the substructure area and attic. Any access covers should be removed prior to inspection.

Please note that you should always order a termite inspection before a roof inspection, as the termite report might call to disrupt the roof covering with recommendations for a roofer to restore the roofing.

Following Inspection

If desired, the inspector can discuss findings and recommendations with the agent or homeowner. Typically, a written report will be issued in one to two business days for you to review. A copy of the report and all subsequent reports will be filed with the State of California Structural Pest Control Board.

Types of Inspections

Per the Structural Pest Control Board, reports expire after four months.

Original Report. This is a complete inspection of the entire structure as well as all attached structures. This is commonly used in the inspection of detached homes.

Limited Report. This is used upon request when only a specific portion of the structure is to be inspected.

Supplemental Report. This is used when, in the process of making repairs, further damage is discovered or when a further inspection area has been opened to allow inspection. This is not a separate report, but an extension of the original/limited report (similar to an addendum on a real estate contract).

Reinspection Report. This report is used when someone else performs any of the work we have recommended. There is an additional fee for the reinspection of the property. We will not certify chemical applications performed by others.

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